Process Advisory

We assist clients in designing core and supporting business processes facilitating the handling of day to day operations. Such tested processes allow clients to harness increased efficiency and streamline operations. Our deep local insight ensures processes are designed to adapt to local market conditions, regulations and taxation.

We also help clients re-engineer and revamp existing processes which may have become obsolete in face of changing markets and technology. We use technological intervention to reduce, simplify and streamline such processes reducing costs and deliver more value to their customers.

We support your organization adopt international standard processes adapted to the unique challenges of doing business in Bangladesh. We understand the factors required to work together to deliver an effective business function. We help design and implement operating processes which deliver increased value to your organization.

We provide:

  • Business process development services
  • Business process re-engineering services
  • Internal policy development
  • Internal controls advisory
  • Internal controls audit
  • Recurring tailored internal audits


  • Fixed asset reconciliation and management
  • Inventory management